A garden is an investment, therefore maintenance is a critical part of the process. Our maintenance service includes includes raking, weeding, pruning of trees and shrubs, selected transplanting, selected relocation of stones or other elements, earth turnover/planting prep, hard sweep, powerwash, cleanup. 
We do our best to estimate the scope and price of each visit beforehand. However, the final price is determined by the actual time we spend on the job and the amount of waste we remove. 

SHORT VISIT (up to 3 hours)
$100 per gardener per hour  +  waste removal $15 per bag**  +  sales tax

HALF DAY (3-4 hours)
$1000 for a full team of gardeners  +  waste removal $15 per bag**  +  sales tax

FULL DAY VISIT (4-8 hours)
$1500 for a full team of gardeners  +  **waste removal $15 per bag**  +  sales tax

During a maintenance visit, we are happy to offer the following add-ons at market prices:

New plants
Soil, compost, mulch
Gravel, bricks, stones
Irrigation installation/maintenance 

**The large brown paper lawn bags we use can be left on the curb for collection with your recycling FOR FREE.
The $15 fee covers Field Form’s collection and disposal costs if you cannot/would prefer not to put them out for the city.

Please get in touch with any further questions or to make a booking by emailing: adrian@fieldform.nyc