field form is a productive and sustainable landscape design firm, highlighting a systematic approach behind modernist authentic design.


Founded as Greenwood Robinson, Field Form is a team of landscape design professionals striving to improve the possibilities of green space in New York City,

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Field Form offers a variety of landscape and garden services. These include consultations, design, project management, installation and maintenance services.


Field Form works on multiple scales and in private, public and commercial spaces. We manage all facets of a project and can provide an overall systematic approach to the entire landscape in both design and function.


Landscapes are an ever changing medium requiring consistent care adapted to each season to ensure that each planting is not only healthy, but providing variety and interest throughout the year.



Our workshop is located in the Stuyvesant Heights section of Brooklyn, where we offer examples of sustainable & productive landscape practices, materials and training for our clients and the entire neighborhood as a whole.



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Please connect with us through email or better yet come by our workshop to learn more about our process.